Keep the fresh!

You do not have to climb to the heights for freezing temperatures.

Who are we?

Efe Market Ekipmanları is one of the most well known and leading manufacturer of refrigerated display equipments, in Turkey. Efe is a private-owned company and has been established by Aydın Kaloğlu, İzzet Murat Okan & Cenk Gurkol, in Çatalca in 2007.

The company that widened its product range in the year 2009 also penetrated different markets and moved to new plant in Gebze Plastikçiler Organized Industrial Zone.


As of today, Efe Reyon exports to 35 different countries with more than 180 staff
and a production capacity of 25.000 meters in total.

What we do?

20 bin metrekare alan içerisinde.

Yurtiçinde ve yurtdışında.

Market ve market zincirleri için

Soğutucu Market ReyonlarıÜretiyoruz.

Ürünlerimizi görmek için tıklayın.

Along with significant investments and staff purchases made in 2013, the production capacity has been increased by 35% and annual cabinet production capacity is increased to approximately 21,000 meters.


We aim to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by producing our products on time and quality by keeping customer needs and expectations ahead of schedule in the cooler market counters that we are active in.